Sunday, May 28, 2006

MN Bass Openner 2006

Saturday May 27

The Day started with me on Platte/Sullivan, while Cyberfish was out at Mille Lacs slaying big Crappies and Sunnies. Cyb arrived around 5:30 and the story is recounted thus at Bass Pundit.
I got back to the house by 5:30 and shortly after that Mike "Cyberfish" Thompson arrived and we had dinner. He had been out on Mille Lacs hammering crappie and sunnies. He said he saw a lot of bedding Larry's and Sally's but could not get them to bite. After Dinner Mike cleaned crappie for a fish fry tommorrow.

We decided to go out around 7:30 in the calm area just to the East of our place. I got one 12"bass and Mike had a couple of pike follows. This area is full of rice which caused the Trolling Motor to overheat and now I have no working forward speeds. NICE! Fricking Minn Kota piece of crap.
Thus even though fishing wasn't much, BP takes Cyberfish!

Sunday May 28 BP & Cyberfish: It's not BP vs. Cyberfish because we were in different worlds a fishin.

We started the day with a trip to Garrison Alliance Church. From there we headed home to watch the Indy 500 and eat the crappies that Cyb caught yesterday. Round about 4PM the adventure began. The plan was to hit Black Bass Lake in Kathio State Park in our float tubes. The DeLorme Minnesota Atlas and Gazetter makes it look like all you have to do is take a road or trail off of 169 to get there. It turned out to not be that easy and we could not find the lake but we sure tried and went down many a false trail.

The backup plan consisted of forsaking the little 20 acre mud hole which we could not find and hitting the 132,000 acre mudhole we could find. The destination was Wahkon bay were the BP would naturally fish bass and Cyberfish would fish panfish and this out of our float tubes. The bass vs. panfish dicotomy made a grudge match out of the question.

I got out on the fish first landing a 14" bass on a bit off "Merth" Zoom Trick worm. I quickly landed a pudgy 10" bass soon after that. Next thing I know Cyberfish is screaming in delight over a 10" gill. I went over and took his pic with a disposable camera Cyb brought along. I headed back to try and sight fish some more of those bass and the next thing I know Cyb is gleefully catching another 10" gill. I didn't go to take pictures of that one.

I was fishing an area where I could see lots of bass and gills, but I couldn't get any more of the one's I could see to go. Meanwhile Cyb was landing the occational gill. I started casting a Snagproof tournament frog and managed to land a 17" and then a chuncky 18" bass. Meanwhile Cyb was landing the occational gill. I headed west and Cyb headed in to where I was seeing the bass and gills.

The trip West was a dud except for some nice small talk with some shore owners who were surprized to see a float tuber happen along. They even gave me tips on fish location but it was all for not because if there were fish there they weren't agressive enough for a topwater frog. Meanwhile Cyb was landing the occational gill, crappie, and a bass. Just when I got back in talking distance Cyb lost a big bass.

Now I think is a good time to interject the fact that Cyberfish was fishing with a telescoping cane pole. How many people do you suspect have fished Mille Lacs Lake out of a float tube using a cane pole? Cyberfish just ain't normal people THAT's FOR SURE! That big old bass got off by pulling the old swim under the float tubers legs trick. Cyb kept on a catching panfish while I toiled for another blow up. I finally got a strike but could not convert even though the fish gave me a second chance. Cyb kept on a catching panfish until dark.

We got off the lake and headed to DQ and that was that.

FYI- Cyb did get out early before church and pulled a 28" Platte Pike while float tube fishing.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

May 30, 2005 Memorial Day

BP's Revenge
The Pictures say it all, plus I don't remember much cause this day was so long ago. I did kick Cyb's butt this day, that much is for certain.
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These were only the bigger fish we took pictures of, I did catch a solid 5 fish limit that day. Cyb got a couple of smaller bass and was mostly content with sunfish.

BP even's the score!