Wednesday, February 19, 2014

For Cyb's Birthday An Oldie

This was one of the first times I fished with MT out of his boat.  It was at the Fishers of Men Club Fall Outing in 1999. We fished a small lake named Silver.  Mike got the big one which was probably pushing 5lbs and I got the smaller one which was a solid 3lber if not 4lbs.  We got these fish right away in the morning and thought it was going to be game on.  It wasn't, we ended up struggling.
Another Solid 3lber
 I think this was the only other bass we caught.  I think we may have gotten a few Pike and we got followed around for a while by a juvenile loon.  Eventually we gave up on the lake and went to Horseshoe.
Here is me with the fish we got right away in the morning.